Choice, Chance, Change. You must make a Choice to take a Chance. Or your life will never Change.

The Choice is yours… Are you Fit or WHAT?

Fit 4 Free

An online program suited for all budgets, as it is free.

  • FREE access to helpful health, fitness and wellness information in the Fit Facts Blog
  • FREE access to Fitness and Health Assessments
  • FREE limited access to Exercise Videos
  • FREE limited access to FIT University’s Lifestyle Education Videos and Presentations
  • FREE Fit Facts Newsletter
  • Email updates

For total access to all videos, recipes, & presentations to assist in Lifestyle Change, we invite you to become a member.


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Fit 2 Go

This program allows full website access to all videos, recipes, and lifestyle education presentations via member login.

  • DIY style format
  • Access to helpful health, fitness and wellness information in the Fit Facts Blog
  • Fitness and health assessments
  • At home and on the go exercise sessions
  • Access to all exercise videos and fitness challenges
  • Access to all recipes and nutrition presentations and videos to initiate lifestyle change
  • Access to all Fit University lifestyle education presentations
  • New exercise videos, recipes, articles and lifestyle education presentations each month
  • Email updates
  • FREE Fit Facts Newsletter

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Fit 4 Change

This program allows full website access to all videos, recipes, and lifestyle education presentations via member login.

All the amazing benefits of Fit 2 Go PLUS…

  • Monthly Consultation with a Wellness Coach to set goals and determine strategies to overcome obstacles as you initiate lifestyle behavior changes that are applicable and sustainable
  • Weekly Accountability Check-in to keep you on track and ensure sustained success
  • At home assignments to keep you motivated between sessions
  • Weekly quotes, tips, motivation and challenges to keep it fresh and fun

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$29.99 Per Month

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One to One Customized Programs
Nutrition Counseling, Fitness Training & Wellness Coaching

We are committed to transforming lives. Via an educational platform, we teach, empower, and motivate you to create the best version of you!

  • One to one and small group Fitness Training sessions at our well equipped and inviting Studio
  • Nutrition counseling with recipes, plans and guidelines to assist in losing fat, retaining muscle, and creating sustainable nutrition habits with balance, variety and moderation
  • Wellness coaching to initiate lifestyle behavior change with goal setting and accountability, and strategies to overcome obstacles for continued success.
  • Weekly at home exercise videos, presentations, to keep you motivated in between sessions
  • Weekly accountability to keep you on track and ensure sustained success

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Medical Fitness
Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Fitness

We offer exercise & wellness protocols for various medical conditions in conjunction with your healthcare provider to treat, rehabilitate, and/or prevent disease and injury.

  • Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary Exercise, Post Physical Therapy, Functional Exercise, Senior Exercise, Diabetes Management, Weight Loss/Maintenance, Cancer Exercise
  • Prevention via exercise, nutrition and lifestyle change
  • Full health, fitness, nutrition and wellness assessments with norm comparisons and reports
  • Customized program based on physician recommendation and assessment results
  • Blood pressure, heart rate and weigh – in at each session
  • At home program to ensure success between sessions
  • Goal setting and weekly follow up and accountability to keep you on track and ensure success
  • End of program assessment to compare results

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Corporate Wellness
Offer Your Employees High-Quality Wellness Services

Increase productivity and profit; decrease healthcare costs and absenteeism. Your greatest wealth is health.

  • Health Fair: fitness, health, nutrition and wellness assessments with norm comparison & reports
  • Health Risk Assessment with Risk Stratification and Disease Prevention consultation
  • Lunch & Learn series in all areas of fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle change
  • Website access for complete DIY at home exercise videos & nutrition and lifestyle education presentations
  • Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Change article library
  • One to One personalized sessions for fitness training, nutrition and wellness coaching
  • Group training and wellness coaching sessions
  • Programs in Stress Reduction, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Change, Disease Prevention
  • Incentivized programs: teams, challenges and prizes
  • Walking Programs
  • Healthy Cafeteria/Vending consultation
  • Wellness Champion’s Training for Corporate Executives

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