There are not enough kind, thankful and appreciative adjectives to describe Marianne Morano. I WAS an obese woman at age 45 with over 100lbs to lose and I had tried it all. When I walked into Marianne’s office I said I was looking for a lifestyle change, but I was thinking, please work some magic! I begged her not to crush my current lifestyle, which got me to where I was, but to help me at the same time. The task must have seemed ridiculous, but Marianne listened to me, evaluated me and went to work. I have never had someone care so much about my well being everyday, and have my back in life. Her nutritional guidelines did not break me, but gave me a healthy focus in the real world. The fitness should have killed a person my size but Marianne read my body and knew what I was capable of. She pushed me further than I ever imagined I could go, and high fived me the entire way. To have someone believe in you, much more than you believe in yourself is a gift. Her knowledge of the nutrition and fitness world is unsurpassed! Marianne Morano has been an irreplacebale gift in my life. Without her I would not have celebrated losing over 100lbs! It never would have happened. Nothing is easy. Losing weight, changing habits and walking a new path takes determination and hard work. Marianne, was my coach, my cheerleader and my rock. If it’s time for you to make a change, you are in the best hands EVER! Just do it…TODAY! I Love you Marianne, and now I love myself too!

Kim Ryan – Client

Fit or What has made me a stronger mom and a stronger person. I started working with Marianne about 4 months after my second daughter was born. I had gained a lot of weight with the second pregnancy, and it was really uncomfortable carrying that extra weight (along with a baby and a toddler) with hardly any muscle strength. When I began the Fit or What program, I could barely do a push-up and the thought of doing chin-ups or pull-ups was terrifying! I can now do over 20 push-ups easily, and I can do assisted chin-ups and pull-ups. I am also so happy to be back at a healthy weight.

You set your goals and commit yourself, and Fit or What will help you get there. I really like how the videos are organized, with short intervals of different types of exercise for your entire body. The website has plenty of options customized to any level of exercise, and even options for those with time constraints. Other at-home fitness programs are so regimented and you don’t have anyone to reach out to for help along the way. Marianne is so knowledgeable and so committed to helping her clients achieve their goals. Above all, she encourages and inspires her clients to achieve a healthy and fit lifestyle…isn’t that the most important goal of all? I am so thankful for this program!

Laura Oliynik – Client

I have been from my highest to my lowest and back again over the past 12 years, and that remark can encompass all areas or my life. But what brought me to you and Fit or WHAT was my need to get on track again, healthy again, feeling good in every aspect again, and having the ability to do things I love again.

Over the past 5 weeks I have re-established my goals and assessed my setbacks, (nothing is a failure), just a lesson. Thanks to you Marianne, I am learning to gain positivity about the now and the future, and staying strong for the long haul.

I feel like I have found a partner. Under your leadership, which always amazes me as you are so unassuming, I have already gained strength in so many areas. Your knowledge is outstanding and your depth of commitment to all areas of health and wellness for your clients is immeasurable.

I love that you listen to my thoughts and concerns and direct each session with well thought out continuity. A person does not realize just how out of shape they are until they are taught to do something the right way, for the right amount of time at a certain level to be affective.

I thank you for the encouragement and continuous growth in my program and I look forward to staying the course and completing my journey with you as my guide.

Janet Kovats – Client

I met Marianne of Fit or WHAT in 2008 and since then she has become a wonderful model of health and wellness, and a friend. We have had many sessions regarding living a healthy lifestyle and we have worked together on physical fitness and nutrition. She is a wonderful listener and an inspirational motivator. Since working with Fit or WHAT, I have lost 30 pounds, lowered my cholesterol and blood pressure, and improved my overall fitness. I will be forever grateful for Marianne’s care, support and friendship.

Debbie Oliynik – Retired Teacher

Fit or What has provided me with the ability to take my road cycling to the next level through both anaerobic and aerobic exercise routines along with nutrition coaching. The customized videos Marianne has created have been spot on, easy to follow, provides a routine and is absolutely result oriented. With her incredible knowledge I have been able to be even more competitive during my one and two day bike rides, completing between 100-200 miles. Thank You Marianne for making a difference in my life!

Jonathan Parker – Client

I met Marianne Morano when I went back to school as an adult for a degree in Exercise Science. She was not only one of my Professors; she became a valued mentor, and dear friend. I had a lot of ideas and imbalances that created a lot of stress. Marianne helped me understand how to address stress, take steps to understand my motivations, my ideas, and how to bring it all together into a lifestyle plan. Her whole person approach, and clear passion for what she does inspired me to continuously evolve, and move forward towards my goals.

Barbara Maceira – Client

I have worked with Marianne Morano of Fit or WHAT for years and have the utmost respect for her knowledge, experience and the results she achieves.

Lynda Armona – Retired Professor, County College of Morris