An Introduction to Fit Facts

Welcome to Fit Facts... An Informative Blog On All Areas Of Fit!!! Check out this overview on how to navigate this blog and have access to all articles, videos and presentations based on your membership level.

Defy The Aging Process!

Searching for that fountain of youth? Ever wonder how to defy the aging process? This article aims to address tips on maintaining youth on the inside, and slow down aging!

Detox Your Body With Exercise

The term 'detox' is loosely used in fitness. What really works and how is exercise used to detox the body? Continue reading to answer these and other questions about detoxing your body!

Fit or WHAT At Winterland

Fit or WHAT sponsors local event...

FIT 4 The Holidays!

Interested in staying FIT during the holiday season. Check out this article with fitness video and exercise routines and much information on staying fit for the holidays!

Fit or WHAT News!

Fit or WHAT News! Check out some of the events that help Fit or WHAT bring you the latest and greatest in fitness and wellness!