Fit 4 H.I.I.T.

This High Intensity Interval Video uses Tabata protocol to challenge your body and boost your metabolism!

Fit 2 The CORE Challenge

Want beach worthy abs? Try this Fit 2 The CORE Challenge!

Booty FIT

Get Your Booty in Shape With This Video....

5 Weeks To Summer Challenge

Get FIT 4 SUMMER with this 5 week challenge! 5 exercise, 5 reps, 5 sets, 5 days per week for 5 weeks...take the challenge and challenge others to get fit for summer.

Advanced Legs & Back Workout

Tone legs and back and burn extra calories with additional cardio moves in this advanced moves video!

FIT In 5

This FIT In 5 video truly takes 5 minutes to complete and is a great full body workout when time is an issue!

Metabolic Burn

Burn calories, kick metabolism into high gear, get strong. Click more for this great advanced video session....

Looking for a full body workout targeting most muscles groups in a short period of time? View this video to tone muscles and burn calories.....


Avoid or rehabilitate back pain with this warm up and flexibility video designed to maintain a healthy back

Lower Body Strong

Challenge your lower body with this combination of bodyweight and dumbbells exercise session. Build strength and endurance for balance and stability.

Hardcore Fit

Looking for a challenge for your core? Try this Hardcore FIT workout to challenge your core strength and endurance.

Upper Body Strong

Check out this upper body exercise video using light equipment for the intermediate to advanced level. The exercises target chest, back, shoulders and arms for a complete upper body workout.