Booty FIT

Get Your Booty in Shape With This Video....

FIT In 5

This FIT In 5 video truly takes 5 minutes to complete and is a great full body workout when time is an issue!

Looking for a full body workout targeting most muscles groups in a short period of time? View this video to tone muscles and burn calories.....

Lower Body Strong

Challenge your lower body with this combination of bodyweight and dumbbells exercise session. Build strength and endurance for balance and stability.

Hardcore Fit

Looking for a challenge for your core? Try this Hardcore FIT workout to challenge your core strength and endurance.

The Basic FIT Five

Looking for 5 exercises done in 5 minutes when you are on the go? Check out this brief video that targets major muscle groups quickly

Cycle Fit Video

This exercise video offers great core and lower body exercises for the cycling enthusiast or anyone seeking lower body strength!