The Basic FIT Five

Looking for 5 exercises done in 5 minutes when you are on the go? Check out this brief video that targets major muscle groups quickly

Fit 4 H.I.I.T.

This High Intensity Interval Video uses Tabata protocol to challenge your body and boost your metabolism!

Cycle Fit Video

This exercise video offers great core and lower body exercises for the cycling enthusiast or anyone seeking lower body strength!

Fit 2 The CORE Challenge

Want beach worthy abs? Try this Fit 2 The CORE Challenge!

FIT 4 Sleep Video

Stressful Day? Difficult time sleeping? Watch this 10 minute video to release daily stress and prepare for a restorative sleep to regenerate cells and reenergize you!

Fit @ WORK

Sitting too long has been proven to be detrimental to health and a risk for many diseases. This 5 minute video offers easy exercises to get you moving throughout the day and can be done anywhere with no equipment needed.