Cardio To Go!

No Space, No Time....No Problem! These bodyweight exercises challenge the cardiovascular system for those on the go!

Booty FIT

Get Your Booty in Shape With This Video....

Get FIT 4 Summer Challenge

Take this Fit 4 Summer challenge! Everything you need is in this program to get you on track with recipes, videos and presentations to get you FIT!

Legs Get FIT

Get thighs and butt in shape with this Legs Get Fit video challenge, using bodyweight exercises that tone and strengthen!

Cardio FIT

Take this cardio challenge and get FIT! This bodyweight exercise routine offers alternative cardio moves to traditional running, cycling, elliptical etc!

Armed & Ready Demo

Are you looking for a great way to tone arms and shoulders and wear tank tops proud this summer? Watch this demo of our full version video and get FIT for summer!