Metabolic Burn

Burn calories, kick metabolism into high gear, get strong. Click more for this great advanced video session....

Looking for a full body workout targeting most muscles groups in a short period of time? View this video to tone muscles and burn calories.....

Spring Clean Your Exercise Routine

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Begin revitalizing your exercise routine and get fit for summer. Read more to find out how to spring clean your exercise routine.

Upper Body Strong

Check out this upper body exercise video using light equipment for the intermediate to advanced level. The exercises target chest, back, shoulders and arms for a complete upper body workout.

Cycle Fit Video

This exercise video offers great core and lower body exercises for the cycling enthusiast or anyone seeking lower body strength!

FIT 4 Sleep Video

Stressful Day? Difficult time sleeping? Watch this 10 minute video to release daily stress and prepare for a restorative sleep to regenerate cells and reenergize you!